The songstress released an empowering new tune with Dove, "Crown," which tears down society's view of what is considered "beautiful" hair and encourages young people to love the locks they have. The accompanying video stars Rowland alongside Tyrelle Davis, Faith Fennidy and Jorja and Sarah Orrick, who have all faced bullying and discrimination for their hair.

"Crown" came from a recent Dove study that found 65 percent of young girls view their hair as a form of self-expression, though nearly 50 percent say their hair can make them feel self-conscious. Additionally, another Dove study found that 71 percent of girls look to music as an influential factor in their lives, which made "Crown" the obvious inspirational move.

The title comes from a quote Rowland’s mother shared with her as a young girl, ”Baby, your hair is your crowning glory," and the upbeat, positive lyrics mirror that message. "My hair, my crown/Show it off, go on girl," the chorus chants. Watch it below.

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