Vectorium is an innovative project which brings a rather interesting value proposition. Powered by blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the provided solution aims to tackle one of the most pressing issues that we, as a society, face. 

There’s a clear and rather alarming trend which takes shape amid our progressing society – the tremendous increase in waste generation. In fact, a 2018 report of the World Bank shows that global waste is expected to grow by a whopping 70% by 2050. This is caused by the growing population as well as the rapid urbanization. It becomes obvious that urgent actions are needed in order to prevent this from becoming a proper environmental catastrophe. 

This is where Vectorium steps into the picture. The team envisions an environmentally friendly future which is socially healthy and economically inviting at the same time. It attempts to leverage new technology in order to resolve the whole waste management problem. 

Vectorium is a project which intends to tackle the issues associated with the increasing waste generation and improper waste management. 

The project introduces two different cryptocurrencies – Vectorium Flash (PoW-based) and Vectorium Plus (PoS-based) and it also brings forward the so-called waste to coin (WtC) process. 

This is the endeavor of generating electricity, as well as cryptocurrency, from the primary treatment of waste or the processing of waste into “fuel crypto-mining source.” In its own way, the WtC process is a type of energy and coin recovery. Most of the WtC processes tend to generate electricity and/or cryptocurrency through sublimation or even produce a fuel commodity such as methanol, synthetic fuels, or methane, for example. 

These are created when two or more producers (Consortiums) come together to form an informal group of “prosumers”. In other words, this is a combination of both producers and consumers who are interested in working with each other. 

Vectorium Islands are locations where the collectivity will be able to produce renewable energy as well as cryptocurrencies. Those places will produce energy combining wind, solar, and waste through a virtuous ecosystem which is regulated by AI and blockchain-based technology, all of it which follows the Waste to Coin (WtC) process. 

It’s worth noting that the core of each island will be the BREATH system. The team claims that it’s a technology which is used to transform waste to energy, and then energy into cryptocurrencies through a patented process without involving combustion. It’s unique because it is supposedly customizable, it has no environmental impact, and it can use every type of waste materials. The intellectual property patent for the system is pending and it carries a number of 102019000005016. The team also claims that they have several patents for solar and micro wind solar processes. 

According to the official website, Vectorium aims to build and deliver over 300 Vectorium islands by the end of 2024. 

It’s worth noting that there are two types of islands. The first one is a “button up” model which involves sights where people are already involved in eco-friendly activities. The average cost for setting up those consortiums would range from $60,000 to $130,000 and they will bring a ROI of around 8-12% per annum. 

The next type is the “top-down” Island and it will be a complete model which combines solar-wind and bio-mass energy production through the use of AI and blockchain as described above. This type of island will cost around $1.5M to $3M and will provide a ROI of 12% to 18% per annum.

The team revealed that there are 15 smaller button-up consortiums already booked up and 7 big top-down islands already designed. The first countries to host those are Brazil, Greece, Costa Rica, Colombia, Los Angeles, the UK, and Dubai. 

The team behind Vectorium consists of industry-related specialists. Given that the project is highly specialized in renewable energy and the production thereof, most of the team members have their experience in this field precisely. 

However, it’s also notable that there is only one noted team member who’s actually specialized in the field of blockchain technology and that’s the project’s CTO. This could be a challenge going forward into the development of the project and delivering on its promises. 

Being the CEO and Founder of Vectorium, Enea brings forth a reputable background in the fields of finance and technology. One of the companies that he founded is called BenediXit, a company which give services for Financial Software development, blockchain infrastrucutre, energy software and SMS OTP Brokering . Another company where Enea served as a Director and a Country manager was Sella World Services. It’s a financial company which provides an array of services such as leasing, loaning, brokerage, banking, and so forth.

Andres is the energy technology leader at Vectorium. He has a very rich professional history with more than 33 years in a broad range of industries, occupying various positions. He’s got experience on senior and leading positions at companies such as Styron Corporation and Barclays Investment Bank. Styron corporation is since known as Trinseo and it is among the popular global producers of plastics, latex, and rubber. 

He’s the Blockchain Developer of the project and also deals with IT development, in any form and sector. Nicola has been in the crypto industry for many years and he was a part of many crypto projects. During his career he worked as a software programmer and on-site hardware technician for numerous clients, among which Unisys, Sisal and Dell stand out as regards system hardware and network assistance. 

Lorenzo is the Chief of Energy Engineering at Vectorium. He has a degree in mechanical engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin. In the past, he’s been working as a Research and Development (R&D) manager of an industrial company of the Pianfei group. This allowed him to gain precious experience in the field of management and technology. He’s also the General Manager of Life Breath Srl, which is a company that specializes in renewable energy based in Turin, Italy. 

With more than 27 years of experience, Flavio is the Legal advisor of Vectorium. He provides the team with invaluable legal advice and makes sure that everything is kept on the right track with regulators. According to the project’s CEO, Gioia is also running a private practice and heads a team of five other lawyers. 

Vectorium is going to launch two separate cryptocurrencies. The first one of them is Vectorium Flash and it is the core asset of the Crypto Energy project. It’s an equihash that’s based on the latest Zcash 2.0 codebase and is mineable for everyone. 

The second coin is called Vectorium Plus and it’s powered by a Proof of Stake system. In 4 years, the plan is for Vectorium Plus to become corporate equity. It also has a fixed interest rate of 20% annually. Let’s have a closer look at both coins and their intended purposes. 

As we mentioned above, Vectorium Flash is a mineable coin that’s based on the latest Zcash 2.0 codebase. It implements Sapling and Overwinter. Using the capabilities introduced by Zcash’s network, Vectorium Flash intends to provide shielded blockchain transactions at lightning speed.

The interesting thing about the coin is that it is backed by the electricity that is used for the network to create it. The project allows users to ‘burn’ Vectorium Flash coins for a fix value of electricity which is generated by one of the Vector Islands or by a different electricity producer who is a part of the Vectorium ecosystem. The burned coins can be exchanged for energy credit coupons which are paid within 12 months from the request or for Vectorium Plus coins. 

In terms of technicalities, the ticker of the cryptocurrency is VCT and the block interval is set to 30 seconds. The coin maturity is 100 blocks. The supply is unlimited but, as we said, it can be reduced by the burning process. 

This is the second coin of the Vectorium ecosystem. Unlike the previous one, however, Vectorium Plus (VCTP) is based on a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm. Vectorium Plus holders will be entitled to dividends which amount to 20% of any revenue which is generated from the Vectorium Islands in the preceding year. The reward will be distributed in the form of Vectorium Plus. 

In other words, the incentive here is that as the ecosystem grows and the project develops further, investors will be receiving a higher reward for their participation. Moreover, the supply of Vector Plus coins is limited, which adds more incentives over time. 

Even more interestingly, the project’s documents disclose that in four years, those who own Vectorium Plus will become actual owners of Vectorium Islands based on their holdings’ amount. So if you own 10 percent of the total supply, you would own 10% the Vectorium Islands once the four years pass. 

The initial supply of VCTP is set to 500,000,000. The project will distribute 20% a stake interest, also called wallet bonus. It’s paid annually for 4 years depending on the capital which is invested. Basically, the more coins are staked, the more interest the investor will earn. The only thing required to participate in the staking process is to keep your coins within the project’s dedicated wallet. 

In terms of regulation, the company’s prospectus explains that VCTP coins provide holders with the right to participate in the result of the company and that they represent investment assets according to the European regulations without directly constituting shares of the issuer. Investors are required to go through an extensive KYC and AML procedure. 

The first phase is the pre-sale, which starts on July 1st, and it will last until July 21st. It allocates VCTP tokens with a 30% discount at the price of $0.70 each. The soft cap of the phase is set to $1.5 Million. Since it’s an initial exchange offering (IEO), users will be able to buy VCTP tokens on the cryptocurrency exchange ExMarkets. 

The next phase is again through an IEO on ExMarkets, and it will last from July 21st until August 11th with a goal of raising (soft-cap) $2.5M. The discount here is 20%, and VCTP tokens will be sold at $0.80. 

The last phase is going to go from August 11th until September 30th, selling VCTP tokens at $1. However, further details on this are yet to be disclosed. 

The total amount of tokens that Vectorium will issue is 500,000,000. 40% of them will be available for issuance and allocated to pre-CGE and CGE purchasers (Coin Generating Event). 

This means that in the most optimistic case, Vectorium will sell all the coins they will raise 140-200 M USD (depend on the price). In case the company will not be able to sell all the 200 M coins, they will burn the rest. For example, if they sold only 10M coins, they will sell 190M VCTP.

If we look at the total initial market cap, we will have 210-300M USD from the 60% they are not selling on the coin Sell plus the amount they raised in the coin sell. There is a personal cap of 300K USD for investor.

There will be a reserve of an additional 40%, which will be used for future growth and initiatives. 15% of the tokens are reserved for the team and the founders. 5% of the tokens will be used for advisors, capital rising fees, and initial marketing. 

The roadmap is also presented on the official website. Some of the noteworthy upcoming events include:

August 2019- First Vectorium Island project to be delivered. Actually, the team hopes that by August-September 2019 it will manage to establish the exclusive consortiums in Turin and Udine and two islands – one in the UK and one in Costa Rica.

March 2020 – First 5 Vectorium Islands to be initialized. These include the Islands which are mentioned above for August and September and will also include one more at a location decided by the community. 

In terms of previous investments, the CEO of the company has disclosed that there are investors who have contacted the project with a manifestation of interest amounting to about $1.85M so far. However, there’s no official record of that. 

The partnership with MIT Italia allows Vectorium to take advantage of different wind installations in order to expand their energy production and take advantage of this source. They use an innovative semi-vertical wind system which enables them to exploit any type of wind flow and generate additional energy. 

BREATH is the system which is used to transform waste into energy and energy into cryptocurrencies. It has been subjected to an intellectual property patent number 102019000005016 and it takes care of the entire process without combustion. Hence, there are no harmful emissions and the environmental impact is virtually non-existent. 

Revolution Chain is an Italian IT and Blockchain-oriented business and it is an important part of Vectorium’s plan because it will be acting as the project’s main technology provider. It has experience in developing blockchain-based solutions as well as others of the kind. 

Stage of the project: according to the team, the closest milestone is to establish exclusive consortiums in Turin and Udine and two islands – one in the UK and one in Costa Rica by August-September 2019. Those kinds of projects depend on strong partners, which will enable them to accomplish their outstanding vision. The problem here is that so far we didn’t get any official Reference from any institution that partnered Vectorium to build those islands and consortiums. Regarding the technology, Vectorium had partnered up with some influential technology figures who can help here to fulfill its goals. Score: 6.5

Project Potential: Waste generation is one of the most substantial humankind problems, and a lot of resources and money are putting into trying to solve it. The idea of combing it with cryptocurrency can be revolutionary. On the other hand, the idea of creating those electricity generation sites sounds challenging, and it will require tons of resources and technology. From the current status of the project, it seems like we are a bit too far from there. Score: 7.3

Community: 130 members on their telegram group, 106 followers on Twitters, their Youtube channel has 13 subscribers, on the other hand, the are being mentioned on other crypto sites such as ICOBench, CoinCodex, etc.. Also they are enjoying the community of exchange which hosts this project, ExMarkets, CoinSupply medium size exchange (1.2 M daily volume), Score: 7.3

Token Use: Vectrorium is going to launch two types of coins, VCT (Vectorium Flash) and VCTP (Vectorium Plus), the first one will be used as a payment mechanism for energy. It will be burnt when energy will be consumed, and it will be printed when energy will be created. The second one, and the main one will be based on Proof of Stake, and it will entitle 20% interest per year. The coin will act as a security asset of different Islands.

There is a straight connection between the coins and the success of the project. On the other hand, a security token which empowers holdings of financial assets in different countries can be a very difficult task in terms of regulations. Score 8.1

Token sale: the team is looking to sell 40% of the total of 500 M VCTP coin for an amount of 140-200 M USD. In case not all the coins will be sold the rest will be burnt by the company (e.g., if they only raised 10M USD they will burn 190M coins after the sell). When adding the extra 300M coins which are not for sale, we get an initial marketcap of 210-300M USD plus the funds they will raise. This is a very large marketcap, and it can be very problematic for the investor. Score: 5

Backend Technology: Two new coins with blockchains from scratch, many IP ownerships (patents) and great technology partnerships (Breath, MIT Italia, etc.). Score: 8.5

Team and Advisory Board: Vectorium introduced a decent team with experts in the right fields of finance, energy, and blockchain. On the other hand, there are no rea blockchain’s “Star” advisors which in many cases can imply strong partnerships. Score: 7.3

Whitepaper: Detailed whitepaper which cover the technology, partnerships, team members, and token economy. Score: 8.0

Felix got into Bitcoin back in 2014, but his interest quickly expanded to everything blockchain-related. He's particularly excited about real-world applications of blockchain technology. Having worked as a professional content writer for three years before that, Felix transitioned to working on blockchain-centered projects and hasn't looked back ever since.

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